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Out-of-Hours Policy

In case of Emergency

If you have an emergency outside of practice opening hours, please call 01542 882209

What to expect 

There will always be 2 veterinary surgeons on call – a 1st and a 2nd

In case of emergency the vets on call will likely request to see your animal at the main surgery (Keith)

This allows:

  • security for our Vets
  • ready access to medications and equipment that may not be available out with the surgery
  • The vet to access records at the surgery and retrieve history that may be relevant in treating your animal
  • Where both vets are busy, the situation will be triaged and it will be at the vets discretion as to where their attention must lie and which cases need the most urgent attention
  • There is additional charges for being seen out of hours
  • The vet will offer all possibilities of treatment and the expected costs of these treatments – this may include euthanasia should finances be restrictive
  • At the surgery you may be asked to sign a consent form; consenting to treatment or euthanasia, alternatively, if you refuse treatment you may be asked to sign a ‘discharged against veterinary advice form’ – we ask clients to be compliant and understand the veterinary surgeons are just following correct procedure
  • Fees will be payable the day following the consultation unless agreed otherwise – e.g hospitalised patient

Where to find us

Clients MUST be registered with us prior to the emergency to be able to request emergency treatment